15th Jun 2014 05:03pm
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iPhone 6

Well what a surprise, Apple will be once again rinsing you of even more money later this year when it releases the iPhone 6 - and I bet a load of you will once again still happily open your wallets and spend your money on their dribble.

It seems, obviously still rumoured (at the moment), that the iPhone 6 will NOT have the bog-standard 3.5mm jack (the headphone hole to you simpletons), which will mean all your current headphones, cables and connectors that you have once bought and currently use, will be rendered useless! (Feel free to post them all to me if you wish - instead of chucking them - gotta recycle ain't we?) Obviously Apple will no doubt also create and sell converting things (at a stupid price - which you'd probably STILL end up paying!), well that is even if they do decide to use a port at all? They may use the lightning connector port - which will mean you have a choice, music or to charge your phone? Or maybe Apple will make - yet another connector, that splits the lightning connector into two? (once again, at a stupid price - which, once again, you'd probably still want to pay for) ... this said, they could just use Bluetooth ... or failing that, just stick to the 3.5mm jack ... it's been pretty much standard since first being used in 1979.

This isn't the first time that Apple have happily wanted to rip you off even more - look a the transition from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 - the lightning connector. External speakers and docking stations didn't work unless you went and bought the 30-pin to 8-pin adapters (which thankfully, the cables and connectors for the iPhone 5/s/c are all available in the UK in Poundland - yes, POUNDLAND (Just one Great British Pound!))

As I did say at the beginning of this, it is still rumoured (at the time of me originally making this post), so a fair bit of this may no longer be true or more information may have been released. Oh well. It wouldn't surprise me if all-in-all you'd end up surpassing the £1,000 mark ... just for a phone - to which you probably just use to annoy people with them emoji things and send dick pics via SnapWhatsKiK.


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