1st Apr 2006 06:00am
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erm... not sure what I see is correct, but if it is then Campaign #1 has been won! I'm now 1st on Google if you search 'Dale Hay'. *yippee*


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1st Apr 2006 11:41

yup, well, not if you tick to search UK pages, obviously because you have a .com domain, but yep....well done :p

By Marv


1st Apr 2006 11:42

indeed it is :D

By Pete


1st Apr 2006 11:44


By Konaboi


2nd Apr 2006 16:31

YAY! Dale =]

By Matt


2nd Apr 2006 19:02


Such a strange title for good news!

By Jonny


4th Apr 2006 16:05

It pains me to see that I have been beaten by a teenage lad sat in his bedroom in small town England. Though I must say that it is due to some unfortionate administrative mistake that you have beaten me. I have informed google of this error.

Anyway, I wish you all the best and I will return to my place in the world that is google.

By Dale Hay (the other one)


10th Apr 2006 22:48

First of April .. you being first... any relation?? hehe j/k :D

By Lester


10th Apr 2006 22:51

That's what everyone thought. What a bad day to have such good results. But luckily it is true. I am first on google if you search for 'Dale Hay'. :D YAY!

By Dale Hay


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