13th Jan 2014 07:00am
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All good things must come to an end and no more so than Google's web browser, Chrome. Yes, this morning at 6:22am, I decided that I would have to say goodbye to what was once the best web browser without a doubt.

Goodbye Google Chrome

So why did I uninstall it?

Well when I first swapped to using Chrome the main thing that appealed to me was how quickly it loaded, didn't use much RAM and webpages loaded really quickly. Fast forward a few years and after every new release of Chrome, you could tell it was getting to heavy for its own good. Plenty of lag on various websites and even the odd few more crashes/unresponsive pages. Back in the day, I could have 3 tabs open and the whole thing would only be using about 30-40MB of RAM. Now however, before a normal webpage is open over 100MB of RAM is being used, then for every page opened there's another 60-70MB of RAM. Sluggishness was definitely kicking in... it's like Google has fed its browser a fat-bastard cake and let it grow and grow and grow. Here's a crazy example of what I had to put up with... 1GB of RAM being used just for ONE tab.

Goodbye Google Chrome

Another reason, which had a lot of people getting pissed off about Google, was their decision to run their own type of flash, known as Pepperflash. Within the second that Pepperflash was introduced into Chrome there were plenty of bug reports flooding in - mainly because it just couldn't seem to keep up with everything. If there was a load of quick camera changes, for example, the player would start lagging, then your sound will start going all crackly. So to get around this, I fully got rid of Pepperflash and got Chrome to run from Adobe's (proper) Flash Player instead. But even now though, the amount of RAM that's taken up by Chrome using the Flash plugin was getting beyond stupid... watching a YouTube video would see the plugin using roughly 250MB of RAM (that's JUST the plugin - add everything else in and I was using just shy of 600MB of RAM!).

And the third and final reason as to why I decided to uninstall it, is the fact it's still buggy (this isn't on a developers release either, this is a stable release). I've noticed it over the past few weeks, that when I fully close Chrome down my harddrive light is still flickering and I can hear my harddrive doing something, so I thought I'll leave it for a few minutes and see if it calms down. Few minutes later and nope, it's still chugging away at something, so I open my task manager and guess what I see? Yes. Two processes of Chrome still running and STILL eating a good 150MB of RAM and spiking around 80% of CPU. The only way to stop them is to right-click and "End Process".

So there we go, I do believe I have gave a good enough reason as to why I have now fully left Chrome. It's been good these 'X' amount of years.

Oh and one final thing, you notice in the picture above I set my "new" default browser as Mozilla Firefox? Well look what the uninstalled window pops up in. Pfft.

Goodbye Google Chrome

R.I.P Chrome.


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