28th Mar 2006 06:00am
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On 28th March 2006, over a million public sector workers went on strike. The public sector workers help to keep water clean, transport running and colleges and universities running. Without these many public services would come to a halt.

Hundreds of schools, libraries and sport centres are due to close for 24 hours. Traffic wardens, housing associations, the Probation Service, the Meat Hygiene Service, street sweepers, home care, occupational therapy and other social services are also taking part in this strike. The strike is over plans to scrap the rule allowing some people to retire at 60 on a full pension.

The unions say that this could be the biggest stoppage in the UK since the General Strike back in 1926. The unions taking part in this strike is Unison, T&G, GMB and Amicus.

The strike began at midnight on the 28th March 2006, this has lead to the closure of the Mersey tunnel and Mersey ferry, making motorists take a 40 mile detour through Runcorn Bridge. 120 schools, 24 libraries and 15 leisure centres in Liverpool have closed. The Tyne Tunnel and Metro in Newcastle have also closed. Multi-storey car parks in Newcastle have not opened, leading to major congestion on the roads.

Note: Traffic wardens are also on strike, so take advantage and park on double yellow and double red lines while you can! He he

Picket lines are expected all over the country, with rallies taking place in Glasgow and Edinburgh. A picket line has also took place at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College.



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28th Mar 2006 18:42

Check out newsreader Dale!! hehe!

I'm all up for people getting what they deserve. Dont always think strikes are the way to go, though i understand this one and hope that it has the effect they want as what they want is what should happen. Selfishly im hoping this doesnt happen at the end of may/beginning of june cos it may affect my teaching practice and ultimatly my qualification in the end (i can only get the minimal amount of time in schools as it is to get qualified) maybe affected.

Anyways, I really hope the people in charge take note of the strike and rethink the policy on pension.


By Jonny


29th Mar 2006 22:58

OK, I think work is a good thing, just dont think you should have to work until you drop. Am sure someone will give a financial reason against this but I dont care its just my opinion we should have more leisure time not less.

By John


30th Mar 2006 20:27

The thing is almost everyone else in the country has to work until they are 65 and that will prob soon go up as people are living longer. So for more leisure time people will still get their leisure time but when ur 90 along with a huge proportion of the population over 60 if they were all retired the country would collapse and you'd have no hope of being cared for. These people are not only disruption essential daily activities of the nation but they are putting an extra 5 years retirement over the care of millions of people. Rant over.

By Kyle


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