18th Dec 2013 05:51pm
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Every few nights I sit and watch a few feeds from America and I'm still surprised at how annoying it is trying to watch a programme over there.

Pretty much anything and everything is sponsored. When they show the weather forecast, it's sponsored, when a programme finishes, its closed-captions (subtitles) are also sponsored. Also most of these sponsored messages and normal commercials are constantly cut-short. If that happened here in the UK, advertisers would go mental!

Talking of commercials, for the BBC channels, we don't get mid-show commercials, but other channels either have one after 5 minutes, then 25 minutes, then 25, then 5 or for a lot of programmes it's usually every 15 minutes. Now check this out...

I was watching Fox45's 10 o'clock news (3am GMT) and here is how it panned out (times in GMT):

  • 3:00am - 3:10am :: News
  • 3:10am - 3:12am :: Commercials
  • 3:12am - 3:14am :: News
  • 3:14am - 3:16am :: Commercials
  • 3:16am - 3:23am :: News
  • 3:23am - 3:25am :: Commercials
  • 3:25am - 3:27am :: News
  • 3:27am - 3:30am :: Commercials
  • 3:30am - 3:40am :: News
  • 3:40am - 3:42am :: Commercials
  • 3:42am - 3:44am :: News
  • 3:44am - 3:47am :: Commercials
  • 3:47am - 3:51am :: News
  • 3:51am - 3:55am :: Commercials
  • 3:55am - 3:56am :: News
  • 3:56am :: Finished

Madness isn't it? And yes, they come back from a commercial JUST to say goodbye. Same with when I was watching The Simpsons on the same channel afterwards. The end credits appeared then it went to a commercial break after the second screen of credits, came back just to show the rest of the credits and then went back to a commercial break.

Also another annoyance - especially the news programmes, you can hear people walking and talking all the time behind the scenes... in my opinion, that's not really "professional", even though I know they try and make it all friendly.

Well, I'm glad we've got the good old BBC here, where I can sit and watch the news repeat itself every 15 minutes without any "commerical" breaks.


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