12th Dec 2013 03:42pm
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Since I first released dhIMG I noticed that all the sites it was submitted to (including Download.com) ended up being my pre-release/test version, which in dhIMG Tumblr's case only extracted a few images and not the whole lot (within site usage limits). I did fix that problem and that *should* be the version that's currently on here.

Along with dhIMG Tumblr, I have also made a dhIMG Twitter too that extracts all the images from a Twitter profile (as long as the profile is public/unlocked). As with dhIMG Tumblr, this tries to find the best quality of the images for you and saves them to your computer.

Both these versions will be receiving a few modifications and updates (mainly the stopping of it crashing when collecting the images - I'm just not up to speed yet on multi-threading) and I will then get them both released online. Obviously it's the Christmas season approaching so I'll try my best to get them out before Christmas and if not, then by the New Year.

I have also received a fair load of emails from people asking if I will be doing a version for Facebook. At the moment I don't have any plans to do a dhIMG Facebook because of how they have their albums and photos arranged. Though, there is an option to "backup your account" on Facebook now, that gives you a huge dump of all your images and I think status updates too (unsure on the latter).

I will keep you posted about the updates to dhIMG Tumblr and the release of dhIMG Twitter soon! :)

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