29th Aug 2013 06:30pm
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Quiet Online Presence

Quite surprised that only a small few people have noticed my absence from Twitter the past few days... quite disappointing really considering there's over 2,500 of you following, oh well, it's only the internet after all - where everyones minds are all focused on what others have had for dinner, constant shite about Bieber and the odd few pictures of cats chucked in too.

Anyways, yes, I decided to have a couple of days away from Twitter - mainly because it was slowly but surely stressing me out and also didn't help me relax. Every night when I tried to go to sleep, I was always checking my account to see if anyone else had replied to any of my tweets or to see if anyone new had followed me. Same with when I was out socialising - well trying to socialise, obviously I couldn't because I was always glancing at my phone every five seconds to see if I had any interactions. IT's true what they say about the addition to social media, there usually isn't a day that goes by where I wouldn't tweet about a random piece of totty or random annoyance either here in the world of "real life" or somewhere lurking on the internet.

I must say though, I am still finding it hard to keep away from Twitter - mainly because it's the second most visited option on my browser when I load it up... the temptation is always there to click and view it, but I try and try my best not to. I have notifications turned off on my phone too, so I have basically pretty much grounded myself from Twitter - a sort of Twitter Restraining Order. Only for a few days though, whilst I focus on other things (however I believe this will still automatically Tweet as a link when I post it).

So what am I doing that's productive? Well I've scanned through loads of sites and email accounts that I've had to find anything and everything possible and I'm cramming it altogether to make a kind of mega CV (there's not really much on it, but I can easily bulk out a five worded sentence into a paragraph). Also I have been attending courses that the Job Centre have been putting me on, which are good too, because I can use the qualifications gained from them on my CV too (OCR, City & Guilds, etc..). I have also started a one-day a week volunteering position at a local community volunteer centre, which will not only allow me to gain various administrative skills, but also have a dabble with other stuff (like SAGE - which I find a fair load of job adverts seem to require you having experience with).

Using my short time away from social media has helped me to sort things out without being side-tracked. Along with also being able to sleep decently too.

Well I suppose that ends my random blabber... I'll return to Twitter (hopefully not as active as before, but still show my face) sometime later in the week/weekend. For now though, ta-tah.


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30th Aug 2013 16:25

Aha, I've been meaning to try and say hello on here and kept forgetting. Glad you're ok.

Sounds like some good stuff happening. Know exactly what you mean about Twitter taking over - I need to reign it in too!

By Mark


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