2nd Aug 2013 08:40am
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When it comes to things I use on my laptop, I am very picky about how many tabs are open or how many things are clogging up my taskbar and one of the things I do like doing is listening to the radio (an amazing piece of technology that just seems to keep getting better), however if I listen to the radio on a website then that's an extra tab open. If I listen to the radio through the UK Radio Player application, that's an extra program open in my taskbar, and because one of the stations I like listening to, Gaydio, gives me this annoyance, I decided to make a little program for myself that allows me to listen to it whilst it's not taking up loads of space and just hiding nicely down in my system tray. (And whilst making this program, I've starting growing to really like one station that's on there, which is Germany's GayFM - full of modern upbeat music and no adverts!)

After a bit of thinking, I decided to take this little idea and evolve it and as of today, release it to the public. As with any program I make, it's totally FREE (with the only limitation that it only works on a Windows operating system). Whilst this is a new program, you will have to expect the lack of much to do on it. I've only loaded it with three radio stations so far (all of the gay-orientation), but throughout further releases I will expand a lot more on what can be listened to, along with bringing you a load of new features too - some of which, I've not seen yet in any program. :)

If you're interested in giving it a whirl, then head over to the dhRadio Homepage, download it and tell me what you think.

I have tested it on my laptop (Windows XP) and also on The Mother's laptop too (Windows 7) and it works a charm, HOWEVER, because the ZIP file you download is new, Google's Chrome web browser MAY flag the download because "Not many people have downloaded it", just click the "Keep" option in the side menu of the download tab.

» dhRadio


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