24th Jul 2013 08:24pm
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Royal Baby, Prince George of Cambridge

So the latest addition to the Royal Family and now 3rd in line to the throne (probably much to the utter disappointment of Prince Harry, who - as radio chart shows usually say - has fallen one place to fourth) has arrived, been pictured and finally been named.

The name chosen by Kate and Will for the future King is George Alexander Louis or to give him his current title Prince George of Cambridge. Though this did seem a bit problematic for Australia's Business Insider website, who ran the name as George Alexander Lewis.

Royal Baby, Prince George of Cambridge

So, that's our future king who, in all fairness, I probably won't see take the throne as I'll probably have karked it by then... as Elizabeth doesn't seem to be budging from the throne (and I do believe she'll overtake Queen Victoria's record for longest serving monarch) - I'd say she'll be on the throne for another good 10+ years (another long lifer like her Mother was), so that'll take us into 2025, then Charles (who'll be 76 then) will probably reign for about 15 years, taking us to 2040 (where I'll be 52!), where we'll see William take the throne at the age of 57, he'll rule for a good 30-40 years, so that'd be heading towards 2080 - where I highly doubt I would still be living (as a drinker, smoker and all-time body fluff-up). Oh well.

Well, that's all the hype over and done with now about the Royal Baby - not forgetting the countless amount of pounds merchandising companies have earned from it too - so we can get back to being our normal selfs and talk about something else... like the Weather... or queueing... or how annoying the "on hold" music is on the phone.


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