15th Jul 2013 12:16pm
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I never have and never will be a fan of anti-virus software (which is usually the cause as to why peoples computers run slow - because it's constantly monitoring every file that gets modified on your computer and with your paging file and other system files being accessed many times a second, it starts to hog your resources by the balls). However once in a blue moon I do like to quickly install an anti-virus piece of software to see if I have fluffed up somewhere, however I haven't... got a good track record when it comes to a clean laptop.

So, earlier I decided to install avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS and it did a normal quick system scan (of current processes) and had a little firkle around my harddrive and as you may have guessed nothing out of the ordinary was found. So comes the point for me to uninstall it...

And this is where the problem begins. I have been stuck on this screen now for 25 minutes so far and as you can clearly see, no progress.


I can't even end the processes running in my task manager either as I'm prompt with the usual "Unable to Terminate Process" error.


Now I'm just wondering how the fudge will I be able to uninstall this... I suppose I could uninstall it forcefully, but that shouldn't be the need. The uninstaller should do what it's called "Uninstall", not linger around like a fat person in the window of Greggs bakery.

-1 point to you avast!. Don't think I will be using you ever again in the future.

Update (15th July 2013, 12:30pm)

Well finally after opening a second instance of the uninstaller, it have finally showed me this piece of wonder... yes, that it's uninstalled and gone. Good. Shite piece of software.



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