15th Jul 2013 08:00am
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Ok, due to a last minute change of plans, due to the tragic news of Cory Monteith, I've had to scower the "Nazi ran" piece of shite, FMForums* for a replacement for this weeks Manday post.

So this week, we've got Shane Walshe.

Shane Walshe
Shane Walshe
Shane Walshe
Shane Walshe
Shane Walshe

* - The reason I say it's a piece of shite, is that the admin of the place seems to place too many rules as to what you can and can't post. It's surprising that people can post anything on there. I've been a member on there since 2004 and have noticed the huge change from being a decent forum to a Nazi-ran place (oh and don't forget the huge front page to the site too, which is all full of rules and regulations, etc.. and god forbid you moan about the site on there... jesus christ, you get an instant ban). Can't post this, can't post that... bah! Bollocks to you.


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