8th Jul 2013 09:00pm
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So besides sitting today and hating the heat because of the amount of hideous creatures that seem to rise from nowhere and annoy/scare me, I have done something useful. Well I say done something useful, more of that I've gained a bit of knowledge - thanks to the BBC Magazine.

So, when I was at school we learned our timetables upto the 12's, so 12x12 is always stuck vividly in my head as 144, because that was the highest we ever got up to, anything more and we'd just use a calculator - after all, that's their purpose, to dumb us down a little bit. From day 'dot' we were always taught easy ways of remembering the times tables, like the 5 times table would always end on a 5 or a 0, or that upto 9x10, the two digits of the 9 times table would always add upto 9 and that the first digit would travel in an ascending order and the second digit would go in a descending order.

However today, thanks once again to the BBC Magazine (as I am a fond reader of certain articles they seem to cover), I have learned about a new pattern, with the 11 times table. Now I already know the usual 11x1 is 11, 11x2 is 22, 33, 44, 55, etc.. but then after you've hit 11x10 that quick and easy pattern breaks, but makes way for another pattern. For example:

11 x 17 = ?

You first of all add the 1 and 7 together from the 17, to get 8, then you slot the 8 in the middle of the 17, to make the answer, 187. Check it on a calculator? Correct. Now if the two numbers though add up to more than 10, then the 10 acts as 100. So...

11 x 58 = ? Add together... 5 + 8 = 13 The 1 on 13 gets added to the hundred column (being 5), leaving the 3 in the tens column. 5 (13) 8 -> 6 3 8

So, the answer would be 638. :-)

How on earth they missed teaching me this at school I'd never know?!

Though, I do remember that me and a friend at school - in year 9 - did come up with a method of working something out, that hadn't been done before and even the teacher was baffled by it. Though, I can't remember what on earth it was to do with... I think it was something in geometry or something to do with that Sin, Cos, Tan malarkey. If only I could remember it - or had wrote it down all those years ago... me and my friend could (or would) have been classed a genius - and more than likely had the method we used to work something out named after us. I believe his name was Dan... so the method may've been named The Daledan Method, or The Daledan Theory or something like that... who knows... well that's lost in the past now... urgh.


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