4th Jul 2013 09:00am
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Just a quick grumble... now to some this may come as a bit of a surprise, but I do actually have a TV License - well The Mother pays for it, so we're covered - even though I do think it is a bit of a stupid idea (especially now we're in the digital age of TV [Don't pay TV License, then why not block the BBC channels? Simple?]). Anyways, the TV Licensing fee gets split between different departments within the BBC and other companies, but for this slight moan, I'm focusing on the BBC.

They have decided to spend a bit of the money they've received from TV Licenses on sending a bloke into the middle of Death Valley in California to - wait for it - see if he can fry an egg. I mean WTF. We know it's hot out there (52C in the video), but was there really any need to send a bloke out to try frying an egg, which was almost eaten by a Coyote? Seriously?

Death Valley: Hot enough to fry an egg?

I'd much prefer seeing my TV license money being spent on the destruction of the common British caravan being totalled in Top Gear.

» Death Valley: Hot enough to fry an egg?


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