22nd Jun 2013 03:22pm
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Humour website, CollegeHumor, have made a single poster showing 119 internet memes in the style of a Simpsons character poster.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "meme", then it's basically a concept (be it a picture, video, website etc...) that spreads from one person to another. These usually mention something we can all relate to or be a work of parody.

In the poster below (which shows fully if you click it) contains: Lemon Party, Longcat, Mustard Man, Peter Pan Man, Cigar Guy, Leek Spin (Orihime), Big-Eyed Guy (Glazastik), Admiral Ackbar, Lime Cat, PSY-Gangnam Style, Sad Keanu, Keyboard Cat, Three Wolf Moon, Crazy Mean Baby, ROFLCOPTER, Chuck Testa, Cool Dog, StareDad, Cool Story Bro, Philosoraptor, O RLY?, Awesome Face, Domo Kun, Two Girls One Cup, Will It Blend?, Tron Guy, Lil' Superstar, Green Man, Challenge Accepted, Long Neck Reaction Guy, Courage Wolf, Advice Dog, Crasher Squirrel, Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, Diet Coke + Mentos, Raptor Jesus, Yatta, Nyan Cat, Duckroll, I Heard U Liek Mudkips, Juggernaut Bitch, Back Dorm Boys, Rebecca Black, FFFFFUUUU Guy, Y U NO, "okay" guy, Where the Hell is Matt?, Everything Went Better than Expected, Bitches Don't Know About My Popsicle, Planking, Star Wars Kid, Me Gusta, F*ck Yea, Gentlemen, LOOOOOL guy, Charlie Sheen, Backing Up Lady, Skateboarding Dog, Eli Porter, Lee Hotti, Don't Taze Me Bro, Strutting Leo, Serious Cat, Evolution of Dance, Mosh Girl, Leprechaun in AL, Grape Lady, TechnoViking, Joseph Ducreux, Minimall, Angry German Keyboard Crusher, Aicha, Ceiling Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Corey Worthington's Party, All Your Base, Socially Awkward Penguin, Deal With It, Prancing Cera, Basement Horse, Chubby Bubbles Girl, Rickroll, Chocolate Rain, Leeroy Jenkins, Goatse, Facepalm Picard, Scumbag Steve, Chris Crocker, Bill O'Reilly - We'll Do it Live, So I Became God, ShamWow, Hello My Future Girlfriend, Interrupting Kanye, Rent is Too Damn High, Forever Alone, Feels Good Man, Numa Numa Kid, Crazy Frog Bros, Chris Hansen, PedoBear, LOL WHUT, Disaster Girl, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Antoine Dodson, Trololo Guy, David After Dentist, I Like Turtles, Chuck Norris, Honey Badger, XZibit, This is Sparta!, Afro Ninja, Over 9000, Ermahgerd Girl, Double Rainbow, Ikea Monkey, Grumpy Kat, Kai the Homeless HitchHiker and Dramatic Chipmunk.

1 Poster, 119 Memes


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