19th Jun 2013 02:31am
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Ok, so earlier on I was talking to my mate and randomly during the conversation I brought up a memory from when I was at school and the fact that I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of a game I used to play was called.

At first, I was unsure on even the make of computer - although I know it wasn't an Apple based OS nor a Windows based OS. He mentioned RM Nimbus and when I did a quick Google Image search, the logo looked very familiar, however later on in the evening, I have remembered that I used a computer system with the RM logo on it when I was in Year 7 (1999), but I'm after a computer that I was using in Year 5 (1997). Searching through a few pages online, I did come across one website that mentioned a make of computers, which did tinker me bell a bit, and that was Acorn Computers. So, I'm pretty sure I'm almost there with the background info of what I'm looking for. One notable feature I do remember when the computer loaded up, was that the menu was like a rocket in the center of the screen, with buttons on it to various sections. Still however, I couldn't find a picture of this anywhere, so cannot confirm it.

That, though, isn't my actual problem though, I'm after a game that I used to play on whatever computer system it was - or even just the name of it. The game was graphically VERY basic... I think the view was Isometric (like Roller Coaster Tycoon [pre 3], Locomotion, Theme Hospital, etc..) and it involved you walking around an ancient place - which is where I'm unsure if it was set in Ancient Roman, Ancient Egyptian or Ancient Greek times and you can click on a square in the ground to try and find an artifact. When something's found, you have to change your tool to something other than a spade or trowel (because, as I did, I broke a lot of pottery).

I can't remember much else from the game, but it was more of an educational type of game. Not sure what year it was released in either, but I'd say definitely somewhere in the early-to-mid 90s.

If anyone thinks they know or can help me out or even if you have some memory of it, then please get in touch (using the comment box below).


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20th Jun 2013 15:01

Civilisation came out in the early 1990s on Atari computers. That was isometric and involved digging but also building and striking things with lightning or storms.. etc..

By Oliver Slay


20th Jun 2013 15:09

I remember Civilisation, but it's not that... although the graphics were fairly similar from what I can remember.

The game I'm after was (if my memory serves me right) more educational than a strategy game.

Thank you for your input though.

By Dale Hay


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