13th Jun 2013 07:00pm
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Film Industry Meltdown

I've just been reading this article (Steven Spielberg predicts 'meltdown' of film industry) on the BBC Newsbeat website, where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas say they predict a meltdown of the film industry as it's getting harder to get smaller films in to Hollywood as they're preferring big budget films.

Surely it'd be possible - some way or another - to come up with a "smaller" Hollywood... I don't mean like calling a place "Llywo" (sounds Welshlantic), but have a film industry just on smaller budget films that's as big as Hollywood. Get the cinema bodies (i.e; Vue, Odeon, etc...) to open/build cinemas that just specialise in small-budget films. I know small-budget films are quite popular because that's the reason a lot of people go to all these film festivals, but even with the film festivals, they're only usually yearly events (as opposed to cinemas that have films for a few months, then get something else new in).

It's just a small idea, which I think would in theory work. It'd be exciting to see a wider range of films too - as a lot of small budget films do seem to cover a wider range of genres than the usual "Action", "Animation" and "Comedy" stuff we usually see in the cinemas for mainstream films now.

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14th Jun 2013 01:36

The big cinemas currently often do show smaller, lower budget films. The problem is that they're usually in very early, or very late, showings, not 'prime time' slots. There's also usually very little promotion. Now, I understand that the 'small budget' film makers probably can't afford much of an advertising/marketing budget, and the cinemas are probably being paid megabucks to promote the 'big budget' films, but surely it would make financial common sense for the cinemas to do a bit of advertising/promotion of the smaller films? It would be better for them, rather than having virtually empty screenings. I've been to see a few lower budget films and my local cinema, they've usually been fairly good - decent quality, decent acting etc. Ok, the plot/story/script can sometimes be a bit of a let down (but that's the case even with some Hollywood biggies), but the biggest dissapointment is that if you count all your fingers and toes, the result is usually a higher number than the number of people watching the movie...

By Marv


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