20th May 2013 06:21am
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Once again, it seems I've slightly neglected my blog. Don't worry though, I have just been busy working on my other sites, of which one of them is the resurrection of ConvoWorld. If you're a long-time follower of me and my slightly unsuccessful web project attempts then you'll remember ConvoWorld (or dalehay.com [when I had the .com] forum). It started out as a small forum with a handful of people and we became a nice little community - you could say, almost family-like. Though we grew up, I lost the site and everything just plummeted into darkness.

Luckily though, I did have a spare database backup - not the best backup though as it was missing a few thousand threads and 8,000+ posts, but it had pretty much every member that was originally on it - not bad for something dating back to 2007~. That's been loaded on, which was a bit annoying as it backed up from an old copy of MyBB, so I had to find an old copy, install it locally, then upgrade the software to a version that would then allow me to transfer it over to the vBulletin platform. It was a bit of a ball-ache, but I did it in the end - with nothing lost. *woo*

After transferring everything over and having things up to date, I had to then decide on a name as I couldn't get hold of the ConvoWorld domain again, so instead I sat there and thought of all the different terms... I thought "forums", "discussion", "board", then "talk" and then I thought "hmmm, I wonder if any domain extensions are available for the word 'talk'". I did a search and one came up available, at that moment I quickly brought it (£5.73 for the year). After buying it and updating the DNS settings on it, I then launched it once again.

It's now working and looking nice (the looking nice part is down to the handsome Mathew Charles, for having the patience to skin a vBulletin 4 forum).

Going through some of the old posts - well what's actually left - on there, do take me back... and it's nice aswell that it wasn't only just me that wanted it back.

Oh, almost forgot to give out the URL (though I believe it's on the right-hand side in the menu). The forum is named Talk Forums and located talk.tf. Very easy to remember... just Talk, then dot T F.

If you're not already registered there, then please feel free to sign up and join in with our chats - it's nice and relaxed and away from the whole Twitter and Facebook dominance of the internet.



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