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Update: Post Updated 9th June 2013 08:09pm

Automated spam is wild now-a-days on the internet and if you run your own website, you'll know that there's many methods you can use when you encouter spam to deter it. However, one easy way I've found, which is VERY simple and easy to do is by creating a simple checkbox that if left unticked will tell your script that the person is not human and will not continue sending their message.

On your form

<input type="checkbox" name="notbot"> Tick this box to confirm you're not a bot.

On your script

if(!$_POST['notbot']) { die("You did not tick the box, which means you're more than likely a bot."); } // Carry on with everything else below...

This simple method is quicker and easier to implement than CAPTCHA and works with any custom made form.

Obviously as the years go by and bots get wiser, then stuff like this may be bypassable or if the spaming bot is actually a human, wasting many hours of their lives manually inputting stuff into forms, but for the mean time, this is a quick and simple way around. :)

Any problems, ask below in the comments section (don't forget to tick the box!)

UPDATE (15th May 2013 11:01pm)
It's now been a week of running this method on my blog and even though my logs are showing bots are visiting this blog, they are not able to proceed on the form and I have not received one single (yes!!) not even one single spam bot comment. Very simple method and it works a right treat! Why even bother with CAPTCHA.

UPDATE (9th June 2013 08:09pm)
It's now been a month and still no spam bot comments.


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