30th Apr 2013 01:48am
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A large police presence prevailed on Atherstone in the early hours of Tuesday 30th April 2013, around 12:35am (BST [GMT+1]). The noisy copper-chopper was around circling and pointing its light towards the canal area and adjacent streets for about 30 minutes, before turning off and flying away. Various other reports from social media websites have chucked up information of a huge amount of police officers and police dogs.

At the time of writing this, there's been (unconfirmed) 4 arrests after lads ran into some flats. The helicopter was able to locate them and the police officers have been bringing them out one by one. Something (unknown at the moment) was found behind a building down Meadow Street and there's some - also unconfirmed - reports that the doors of the "hall" were open.

** Please note that information in this post, until verified by the local Police, should NOT be taken as being accurate **


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