17th Apr 2013 04:22am
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ItCouldHappenToAllOf.us Screenshot

Earlier on I came across a few posts whilst browsing Reddit and saw they were a bit confused about a certain website they came across. The website in question is itcouldhappentoallof.us.

Now normally I would've just viewed the site, then clicked off it as it would've had no appeal to me, but for some reason this one did. I'm not sure if that's because of the fair amount of online coverage it's getting on sites like Reddit or 4Chan, but the home page has a bunch of symbols (some visible on my laptop and others not) and a countdown clock at the bottom titled "Chicago" and the countdown is actually counting down to Saturday, 4th May 2013 3:21am (CDT). At first no one knew what the countdown is actually for, some people have suggested:

  • Chicago 5k Race
  • Blue Man Group Concert
  • Cubs vs Reds Game
  • Circus
  • Star Wars Day

Upon looking at the details of the registrant of the domain name a few people had infact contacted the telephone number supplied and it was picked up by a Homeless Shelter - who have, so far, denied any knowledge of this website. Also with a website name like "It Could Happen To All Of Us", it does sound like something a Homeless Shelter would mention as yes, one day any one of us could end up homeless.

It also didn't take long for someone to figure out what the symbols on the website meant, which as you'll see below, the first picture is what I can see, the second is it with its decryption and what it (supposedly) translates into - as some folk believe it to be Latin.

ItCouldHappenToAllOf.us Screenshot


ItCouldHappenToAllOf.us Screenshot

Still though, there's no definite reason for this website which is baffling some people. However some folk are keeping their eyes and ears open - especially with the recent incidents in Boston. Finally to finish, a member on Reddit did point out something that not many people did see - when the timer runs out 4th May at 3:12am... which corresponds to? Yes. 4-3-2-1.

I will be keeping my eye around the blogosphere incase I hear anything else.

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