1st Apr 2013 02:32am
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Part Night Lighting scheme in Atherstone

That you see above is the current view from my house looking out into the street. Yes, it's dark. Very dark. (There's only 42 different shades of black in that image)

Now even though this looks very eerie and more like something you're used to seeing down the lanes or in a mass-murdering horror film, this is in fact a main street in Atherstone (where I live). It seems North Warwickshire Borough Council have came up with a silly crack-pot idea (probably whilst on crack - may I add) to save £500,000, reduce Carbon Emissions and Light Pollution by doing this Part Night Lighting scheme which turns off select street lights in various areas plunging them into, well darkness.

We were the last area to have this scheme in the County and as of 00:01 the street lights went out in Atherstone (and the rest of North Warwickshire).

Now as the Warwickshire.gov website says, this idea has recieved positive feedback from residents and the Police. Firstly, why didn't I get a say? (I recieved NO letter or information leaflet, I would've thought I'd be asked considering I live in one of the affected areas) and also how long will it be until the crime rates go up?. Now to the latter question, you cannot answer "Well they've got CCTV, *blah* *blah* *blah*" ... because you'll be WRONG. The areas that have their lights turned off have no CCTV (as mentioned on the Warwickshire.gov website) ... so I expect when I wake up in the morning half of the streets car wheels will be missing.

Oh and one final thing too. The Warwickshire.gov website mentions that areas containing "roundabouts" will not have their lights switched off... well, erm, not sure if I'm seeing things (well in the daytime anyways *rollseyes*) but there's a huge fuck-off roundabout outside my house.

Anyways, the time the lights are shut off are Sunday to Thursday (00:00 - 05:30) and Friday-Saturday (01:00 - 06:30)

*grumbles* Give me my street lighting back.


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4th Apr 2013 13:06

How can they do this without our consent? The street lights are ours, not theirs. North Warwickshire Borough Council are neglecting their duty of care, putting people at risk, from accidents and crime, and the fear of accident and crime. They're hindering the emergency services from doing their job properly.
I see this as a crimial act, and they should get those fucking lights back on pronto.

By Rachel


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