30th Mar 2013 01:05pm
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Everyone loves a good freebie and I -as anyone else would- decided to grab a fair few freebies whilst bored the other day. Pretty much all the freebies have arrived, which I did actually forget about one of them until it arrived this morning. Well I've ended up getting:

3 Free Teabags from The Redbush Tea Company

The Redbush Tea Company

Original, Citrus (infused with natural orange and lemon) and Chai (blended with pure fennel and cardamom). All these are also naturally caffeine free.

2 Free Teabags from Twinings


These arrived in a nice funky "tear to open, then slide out" type of packet. I ended up choosing Pure Peppermint (which to can smell as soon as you open the envelope) and also English Breakfast - though I'm curious as to if it tastes like Sausages, Bacon, Horse, Eggs, Tomatoes, etc..

Free Ped-o-meter from Tesco

Used to have one of these years ago, but it was naff - I think I got it from Walkers, but it didn't really clock my steps... however this one works a right treat!

Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

This is the one I totally forgot about until it arrived today, was curious as to what was in the packaging as it was sent from Budapest, Hungary. Sadly it's only got one cartridge and as I was informed via Twitter, I will need a bank loan to get replacements - however there's always the Car Boot. :)


Free-to-good-home Kitten

Nyx Kitten

Oh yes, since our family cat (Mayonnaise) had to be put down last year due to old age and failing health, I've always wanted a cat of my own and thankfully someone in the towns Mother had a few that were free to a good home, so I asked for one and now I have it. I've named her Nyx (pronounced Ninx / rhymes with Jinx) and she's settling in quite well. Noisy at night times though, but I'm guessing that's because it's new surroundings and she's no longer with her Mother nor her other siblings. She's also getting on with the Mutt (Noodles) very well too... Nyx will tease teh dog, then hiss at her causing the dog to run away and then get excited, start jumping around causing the kitten to leg it around too... it's like we have more children in the house.

And finally...

Free Tena for Men

Tena for Men

Oh yes, I may be 25 but not exactly in the best of health at the moment... and certain things do happen that you can't help, so I decided to grab a freebie from Tena, and recieved two free Tena for Men pads (Level 1 and Level 2 in absorption). Very handy for when I have the odd leak.


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