5th Mar 2013 01:10am
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PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 3 Monday

Well what a lovely sleep I got last night... I decided to take the surgical socks off and go commando. I had the bed positioned in the weirdest way, but it felt comfy and I enjoyed the best night of sleep since being here. I woke at 6.30am for medication and breakfast which consisted of jam on toast and a coffee. The usual jokes were flying around the ward about the toast. "That toast tasted like eating soggy cardboard", "Well at least you knew which way up it has to be!"

I was then told I was going home today, but 10 minutes later was given some hospital pj's -which are A) way too big for me (I have an elastic band holding them up) and B) they make me look like I'm on death row. I had a shower and have been seen by a group of doctors who said I should be able to go home today... just a bit confusing as I could just get changed into normal clothes and wait. Oh well, I suppose I just need to wait.

Well didn't really need to wait very long... a lady appeared with a wheelchair to take me down to the discharge lounge. Whilst there, I received two cups of coffee, dinner, pudding and my medication, along with a discharge letter to give to my doctor (as he's also compiling all my pectus stuff too in his medical journal). Once I had eaten all my food, I was free to go... so at 1.20pm I was a free man... free to now continue my life normally and hopefully turn into someone I've always wanted to be.


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