1st Mar 2013 08:08pm
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To be honest, I'm slowly starting to get annoyed with constantly having to write over and over again about me getting myself all revved up then just to then tell everyone I've been cancelled on again.

Yes, I am on about this illusive operation that still (as we're in the third month of the year) hasn't happened yet. Well I received the letter from the hospital and it wasn't the normal type of letter that I've received the previous 4 times. This time it tells me to call them on Saturday morning (tomorrow) at 10am to (I quote) "check that a bed is still available" - to which the ward staff will then tell me what time to arrive, then I believe my operation is first thing on the Sunday morning.

Obviously this is a totally different way of being admitted to what I've been used to before, however I'm thinking the reason I'm being admitted to "Hotel NHS" could be possibly because of the recent media coverage? Quite a huge possibility to be honest. Oh well, as long as they're alright when I get there... don't want it to be an awkward atmosphere when I'm there.

Well I shall update you once more after I've made the call tomorrow morning sometime at 10am-ish.


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1st Mar 2013 20:57

Good luck this time around, hope it all goes to plan.

By Steve


1st Mar 2013 21:03

Thank you Steve, I'm hoping so too... but ain't going to be holding my breath.

By Dale Hay


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