24th Feb 2013 05:42pm
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As you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links above menu) that my operation to remove the bar from my chest (because of my condition, "Pectus Excavatum") had been cancelled 4 times.

BirminghamMailI was repeatedly told by some of my close followers to contact PALS and the media. Upon doing a bit of research as to what PALS do, a lot of the outcomes were to go to the media as it's a powerful method of basically 'kicking them up the arse'. So I did just that. I contacted BirminghamMail and asked them if they would like to use my cancellations as a story. I gave them a rough outline of what had happened and told them to feel free to use any pictures from my Pectus Excavatum album on Facebook - to which they used my X-Ray picture and also sent a photographer to my house to take some pictures - I felt more like I was on a modelling shoot (just without me tits out). Whilst he was leaving, I asked him when roughly will this be in the paper? He said possibly Sunday.

I was then woken up with a phone call the following morning (Friday) saying there's a bloke at the pub waiting for me after seeing the story in the paper and he was from an agency that supply stories to the national papers and was interested in it. So, I came down the pub -whilst thinking it was a wind up call to get me down for a drink- and there was a bloke there waiting for me. At first I thought it was someone I'd had a previous rendezvous with... so at first I panicked, until he introduced himself.

Daily MailHe decided to take pictures of me in the pub, back car park and also in the Council gardens too. I was then contacted through Twitter late afternoon saying I was already on the Daily Mail website - talk about it going national quickly. Then the following day, it was in the actual Daily Mail newspaper (which I haven't been able to grab a copy as our town seems to have brought them all by the time I got to the shop). Upon searching on Google's News search, it's also been reported in various different languages and other countries (I've even found it reported in Vietnam(!)).

Yahoo! NewsYesterday, Yahoo! News covered it too by titling me the Iron Man. Haha, awesome! And according to my Sister, I'm in The Sun newspaper today too - which I won't be able to buy until the shop reopens at 6pm.

Talk about a small story going global quickly. I'm shocked - but also so nervous. Oh and I must add, some of the stories are reporting that I'm a "pub worker" - which isn't true. I haven't worked in a pub for 13 months. :/

» BirminghamMail
» Daily Mail
» Yahoo! News


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