1st Feb 2013 12:36am
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I cannot believe it's February already and we're on our 32nd day into 2013! Thinking about it, we're only 4 days away from being a tenth of the way through the year and what have I done with the start of 2013? Nothing. Was I suppose to? Yes!

I had high hopes and aspirations for 2013. In my head I saw this year - after last years amazing events to turn myself around and stop being the slob that I am, sort myself out, get a job, get stable (not a horse type of stable), look after myself a lot more and smile at life. Well sadly my plans for that didn't quite turn out how I wanted them to. One main reason is the fact of my chest bar removal operation being postponed twice. I was planning to have it out and be back on my feet within a week (which that would've been the beginning of January, then moved to middle of January) and now that it's moved to February, I feel I've basically wasted this month doing nothing.

I've currently got 6 health related problems bugging me at the moment - I ain't going into details about some of them as I'd like to keep this dinner time reading material - and I can't get 4 of them sorted out fully until the bar is out of my chest, due to various pieces of machinery that I'm not allow to go in. Oh well, hopefully next Friday does happen, because I also have some Friends to go and see too... and I want to see them... and I want to go ice skating... and I want to drink.

Well anyways, let's hope my fingers stay crossed that everything goes well and I can just see January as my "chill out" month, before the big changes that will happen in my life during the next few weeks. Here's hoping!


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