31st Jan 2013 09:31am
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Now if you remember me saying in my previous post that after that day (24th Jan) I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel ... well sadly that didn't happen. Yes, the operation got postponed. Again. What made it worse though is that I received the phone call to tell me it'd been cancelled when I was already halfway to the hospital - we had just drove through Coleshill and the phone signal was crap. Though, I do remember a street we passed and I had to take a picture - just for the sheer fact of it made me giggle like a child at such an annoying point in time. Yup, Back Lane. Ok, it's not the rudest of names and isn't slightly funny... but still, it put a smile on my face.

On top of that malarkey, the internet has been fully cut-off at home and we're waiting for Sky to install/setup/whatever their internet for us - which is why I didn't get around to doing a Manday this Monday (though I have started using the USB tethering option on my phone, which works an absolute charm ~ albeit the web graphics are compressed quite heavily). This is due to go on by the 8th Feb (so next Friday), which also is the same day that my operation has been rescheduled for. Let's hope that I actually make it to the hospital this time without a cancellation a day before or a phone call on the way there.

... AND ... whilst I remember(!!) after thinking the callback auditions for Britain's Got Talent in Birmingham were this weekend (2nd Feb), they are infact 8th Feb. My operation date. Meh! Talk about clashing of dates...

Well that's enough for the time being... might try and knock a quick Manday together actually... just so I can keep the figures up. :) Until next time... byeee.


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