14th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well Valentines Day is over now for another year! Oh well, all I got was ONE text message and ONE email wishing me a happy V-Day. Oh well, maybe i'll get more next year. Anyways... what's the next "thing"... theres the "Brits 2006" ... that will require me to make this site more "British" ... you can sod off!! erm.. oohh Easter soon too and Pancake day too... right, *opens Photoshop*, thats a lot for me to get on with.
Oh and i'm on the plee for more visitors to the forums and post!! If you have any mates that enjoy a good chat, then send them to the forums!!


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15th Feb 2006 00:28

Thank F*** for that!

btw - I did actually get more txts then u! lol! But they were jst from mates - its like sayin happy chrimbo
By Jonny

15th Feb 2006 00:33

I had a text message and an O2 alert. Oh and just this second got another text saying "Happy day after valentine's day" Hmmm... :D
By Dale Hay

15th Feb 2006 00:35

I got 1 text message....

...from my mobile network...

...refunding all the credit I had used up until today!!! :D:D:D:D:D

By Marv

15th Feb 2006 00:42

I had that too... I was like ooooo, this is on my personal mobile, I was like oooooo I have been refunded 10% of my monthly top-up... it only refunded me a massive ONE WHOLE GREAT BRITISH POUND! :D Grr!! Bare in mind I only did stick 10 credit on it.
By Dale Hay

15th Feb 2006 00:49

I spent 15 talkin to t lad i should have seen today last night... explain what he said in the txt bout my mate...

Fancy gettin an after v day txt?! Who was it from?! I WANT ONE!
By Jonny

15th Feb 2006 00:57

Just got another one saying "Happy (late) valentines day". Sadly I have no credit to text these people back with. :( Oh well. Hopefully they read this.
By Dale Hay

15th Feb 2006 01:03

U know who sent them tho?!
By Jonny

15th Feb 2006 01:06

I have no idea! I don't have there numbers in that phone sadly.
By Dale Hay

15th Feb 2006 01:09

By Jonny

15th Feb 2006 01:28

Twas me! The first one anyway!
By Jonny

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