18th Jan 2013 04:31pm
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We've been warned we would get snow and thankfully it has finally turned up... and not in a poxy way either. This time we've had (well it's still falling as I write this) we've had a fair amount of it. I've just been up the local golf course - where everyone goes when it snows because of the hills - and the snow up there is easily 7-8 inches in most places. Back down on normal level, it's currently around 4 inches and rising. I believe we're supposed to be having this snow pretty much non-stop for the next few days, which to me is great because I love the snow... it always brings the child out in me.

Anyways, below are a couple of pictures I took earlier - obviously I'm no photographer nor an "Instagram" person, so they're pretty plain bog-standard mobile phone pictures. :)

UK SnowdayUK Snowday
UK SnowdayUK SnowdayUK Snowday
UK SnowdayUK Snowday


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18th Jan 2013 17:24

get on instagram you !!

By Peter


18th Jan 2013 18:47

Noooo! I refuse. I'll just stick to Photoshop. ;)

By Dale Hay


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