15th Jan 2013 01:55pm
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For some reason this morning I actually awoke to my phone. Normally when I'm asleep, that's it, I'm out for the count and nothing will wake me - I did sleep through 3 smoke alarms going off the other day, didn't even flinch. So anyways, yes, my phone woke me up and it was a Private Number and normally I don't answer these, but I was kinda glad I did actually answer this call. It was the hospital, well more personally it was my surgeon's secretary calling to say that tomorrows operation has been post-poned because he is required to help on a few other cases. She said it'll either be this Saturday (19th January 2013) or the following Saturday (26th January 2013).

Weirdly last week I was sitting and thinking to myself "It's going to be pushed back again - like it was before my operation to have the bar put in", and low-an-behold it was. Well that's more psyc'ing myself up for the operation gone down the drain... time to look forward to this (or next) Saturday.

Will keep you informed as always. :)


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