10th Jan 2013 04:42pm
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Talk about an early trip... the roads were foggy as hell when we left at 8.40am to head to Birmingham Heartlands Hospital for my appointment - which thankfully it's just a straight road from Atherstone all the way there, so we got there in time. After walking about a mile to the Pre-Op assessment area (seriously, the hospital is huge!) I was immediately seen for a MRSA test (which just requires them to swab both your nostrils), then I was immediately sent for an XRay, which I did get lost - even with the help of a map (below), I ended up in the Endoscopy department. I didn't have to wait long for the XRay, straight in and straight back out - though I don't think the lady that took the XRay was too pleased with a sick-ish joke I came out with.

Pre-Op Map
Map of Pre-Op Assessment Unit, XRay, ECG and Bloods

Once I had the XRay, I then had to go for an ECG reading which the room that does it now is just a basic door that I passed about 6 times until I had to ask one of the staff where it actually was, to which she told me it's the third door on the left and I have to knock on it. I did so, was straight in the room, top off and had 4 pads connected to my chest, one on each wrist and one on each leg just about the ankles. The reading came out find - just a hint of interference on 3 of the readings but nothing to worry about. Oh and this time it had me classed as "Male" on the reading sheet. Then it was off for a blood test, which works as a ticket system (like at the butchers in a supermarket). I pulled out A05 and the number had just turned to A01, though with 3 nurses in the blood room, I was in within 2 minutes and had my blood taken - whilst the nurse was trying to guess what year was being played on the radio (I think it was the Time Tunnel or something, oh well, it was 1984).

Had all that done then headed back to the Pre-Op assessment area where I was weighed (60.2kg) and measured (12 inche... hehe, nah, 6ft). Also had my blood pressure taken (127/81) and then went into a room with a nurse who checked my breathing (yet another top off moment) then asked me the usual "are you allergic to anything?", "any family history of 'x', 'y' or 'z'?" and then she said I would have to stay within the hospital until 11.45pm for my MRSA test results. That was the only part that took the longest, so I waited and thankfully I didn't have MRSA however some chap called Mark did. *shrugs*

Right, so now that everything there is done, I now have to attend the hospital on Wednesday 16th January 2013 at 10.30am and will have my bar removed sometime before 3pm. Oh and it IS an overnight stay too, so must remember to take my phone, some paper and a pen. I doubt aswell when I come around from the anaesthetic that The Mother will be allowed to see me because the HDU (High Dependency Unit) is off bounds to visitors due to this Norovirus malarkey... so that's going to be a bit weird, but I have gone through it all before so it should be too bad.

Well that's it for now... the last chapter in the story of my chest comes to an end in less than a week. *plays Europe - The Final Countdown*

** Remember too, if you have ANY questions, queries or comments about this condition then please contact me and I will be more than happy to answer your emails. **


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