9th Jan 2013 02:36pm
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Well it's been 2 years, 4 months and 22 days - or 875 days or 125 weeks or 21,000 hours or 1,260,000 minutes or 75,600,000 seconds, however you want to put it, since I had the Nuss Procedure to have my chest corrected because of a birth deformality I had called Pectus Excavatum (where the chest wall goes inwards - NOT to be confused with Pectus Carinatum which is where the chest comes out and IS the one called Pigeon Chest). I was told a few months ago that the bar is ready to come out and that it'll be November or December '12 time, however that's been and gone, but upon contacting the hospital, my surgeons secretary told me I've been pencilled in for the 16th January '13.

Female ECGLo-and-behold today, I received a letter from the hospital detailing that I am indeed having the operation on the 16th Jan to remove my bar and that I will need to go for the general MRSA Testing and Pre-Op Assessment stuff tomorrow morning (yes, tomorrow! I'm so glad I received the letter today!). Gotta be there for about 8.30am-ish. I wonder if this time when they do the ECG they'll have me down as a female again?! I will do a write up tomorrow when I get back home from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

Oh, also, thank you very much to all the visitors that have contributed and contacted me in regards of Pectus Excavatum. Your questions, comments and queries have all been well received. :)

Pectus Excavatum RemovalPectus Excavatum Removal


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