3rd Jan 2013 09:55am
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Employ Adam

During these economically shite times we're going through more and more people are finding it hard to get a job... that's not just the "lower educated" folk of the United Kingdom, but also the people that have experience. Finding work these days is a long, hard and grueling process... most people get work through "knowing people", so you'll find if a random "outcast" tries applying for a job who no one knows, then they'll more than likely not get accepted and their CV will be "filed" (shredded).

However one 24 year old, Adam Pacitti, has decided to go a different way and used ú500 of his money to purchase some advertising space on a billboard in London in the hope to get employed. Not only has he got this billboard space, but it's also attracted a LOT of attention through the social media websites, Twitter for example - at the time of me writing this has 6,866 retweets and the posting is only 19 hours old. Also a fair few media companies have also seen it and he's just had an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live today too. Adam has a BA (Hons) Media Production under his belt and experience good skills using Microsoft and Adobe software, which is the main area of work he's looking for... something in the media business. On his website which is advertised on the billboard you will find his CV and relevant details about him.

All I say is best wishes Adam - never thought of doing it this way - and also if anyone is looking for someone to employ, then contact him via his website EmployAdam.com.

Twitter: @adampacitti


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