31st Dec 2012 08:22am
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My Life StoryYesterday I downloaded GameFools' PC Game My Life Story free from GiveAwayOfTheDay.com and decided to play it. It's one of those games that you get really addicted too, then you also notice the company then spawns loads with a similar type of game play. Well, I noticed online that some people were looking for a My Life Story cheats.

Now this game has been made - I'm guessing in Flash and after a quick five seconds of snooping, I came across the data files. They're NOT encrypted or compiled in anyway, they're just bog-standard XML files. So, I within a couple of minutes I found the one file that will allow you to play the game and not have to worry about your Happiness, Health, Fun, Energy or Hunger.

First of all, I WILL WARN YOU to follow the steps carefully and please - for the love of all things holy - when I say "backup" then BACKUP.

Right, firstly this game installs directly into your Program Files folder, so go ahead and locate the game folder (It'll usually be: C:\Program Files\My Life Story\), then head into the gamefiles folder, then into the xml folder.

Look at the list of files there and you need to BACKUP (so copy [DON'T CUT] and paste them somewhere else as back-up) the following 3 files: "actions.xml", "classAction.xml" and "jobs.xml".

Now with them 3 files safely backed up, you need to open them 3 original files in WORDPAD (not Notepad nor Microsoft Office's Word) - just normal WORDPAD. Then for each of them files, you need to SEARCH and REPLACE (So hold down [CTRL] and press [E] - or go Edit -> Replace).

Find what:


(That is a quotation symbol and a hyphen)

Replace with:


(That is just a quotation symbol)

Then hit the [REPLACE ALL] button, once you have done that for all 3 documents, just save them normally, close them and then when you load My Life Story, you shouldn't have anything deducting your Happiness, Health, Fun, Energy or Hunger.

*note* If you do encounter any problems, then just DELETE those 3 files you edited and replace them with the 3 files that you backed up and everything will go back to normal.

Enjoy! :)

» GameFools.com :: My Life Story


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24th Jul 2014 08:14

IT WORKED! Thanks! :))

By jjnjkn


27th Oct 2015 14:59

Did not work for me, i couldn't save the files. Too bad, thanx anyway :) Grtz

By Lucy


21st Oct 2017 12:33

Can you make the tutorial vid?I dont understand the replace part :3

By killer560


21st Oct 2017 12:33

Can you make the tutorial vid?I dont understand the replace part :3

By killer560


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