20th Dec 2012 06:30pm
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Just been on Twitter and one of the trends were #SchoolMemories and it jogged my memory back to when I was in Wood End Primary School (for year 4, 5 and 6) and during assembly the year 6 teacher, Mr Browning (who I helped learn how to play Tomb Raider I - also remember telling him those purple diamonds aren't to be shot at, they're saving points) used to play the piano and whoever the lucky so-and-so was that was nominated as the overhead projector person (very highly sought after job that was) had the delight of putting up the songs we were going to sing.

One song stuck firmly in my mind throughout growing up and that was because it was sang along to the Eastenders theme tune and I think it was called "Friendship is a golden thread". I would however love to find the full set of lyrics, actually I might call the school up tomorrow - if they're open and find out if they still have it, as I only can remember the first two lines to it and *think* I may know the third line and the fourth line is a random guess...

Friendship is a golden thread Weaving through our lives It binds us together Through each day that lies ahead

I remember there being a line that contained "and keep them forever more" or "cherish them ever more" - something along those lines, I think.

If your school had this and you know the lyrics, please contact me, as I'd love to know the rest and settle my incomplete school memory.


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16th May 2015 23:15

Not much help but I can remember a bit more but not necessarily in order...
friendship is a golden thread
weaving through our lives
it binds us together
through each day that lies ahead
fellowship your friends
and keep them forever
lift your hand, understand
that friendships love
will hold though your parting
I think the last line ended with just 'ever more' but can't remember anymore lines from inbetween. I think there was a bit 'a new day is dawning' might have been before the lift your hand bit :/ lol

By jenn


25th May 2016 05:34

Might be too late as I see last comment was a year ago but here's what I remember of the song:

Friendship is a golden thread
Weaving through our lives
It binds us together
Through each day that lies ahead
Cherish your fiends
And keep them forever [more]

When it's time to say goodbye
Sadness fills your heart
When friends are parting
But the clouds will soon pass by
Look up and see
A new day is starting

Then you'll know
And you'll show
That love can shine
Through gloomiest weather

Chorus (ending with 'more')

By Charlotte


6th Jun 2016 16:56

Thank you both for helping me out. This song is one I have been looking for, for a long time and if it wasn't for you both i'd still be looking. :)

By Louise


24th Jun 2019 20:06

I’m in an argument with my gf about wether this song was a thing!! I remember the first lyrics u posted but nothing else. Does anyone have a link to the music?

I’m gonna get an email in like 6 months and have no clue what this is on about lol

By Tom


12th Sep 2020 10:23

Was a video with the sound and lyrics ever found?

By Hollie


18th Feb 2021 21:15

So this song has been going round in my head and I thought I would share what I can remember :)

Friendship is a golden thread
Weaving through our life, it binds us together
Through each day that lies ahead
Cherish your friends, keep them forever

Raise your hands
That love can shine
Through all kinds of weather

By Emma


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