14th Dec 2012 08:33pm
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Well it only seems like yesterday that I had The Sister dangling in tears from my neck thinking the worst for my operation to correct my chest deformality called Pectus Excavatum. And now, it seems the time is getting closer to the bar being removed from my chest and me going from being 95% human, 5% stainless steel, back to a full 100% human.

The past two years of having the bar in, along with the build up towards having the Nuss Procedure have all been a mad journey for me. Also it's been - from what I can gather from feedback / comments / emails - a decent insight for people who believe they may have Pectus Excavatum and don't really know how to go about getting it sorted or people that are due to have it and are a bit worried. It's actually quite nice to know I have helped many people online with explaining the journey I once went through. Though that journey is still on going...

Dale Hay's Pectus Excavatum XRaySo to bring you all upto date with my progress, I went for my annual check up at the Chest Clinic in Birmingham back in October and upon having the routine XRay of the chest, seeing the nurse to check my blood pressure and ask me how things were going, I was then able to see the surgeon. I was called into a different room than I usually go in and found out I was being seen by my surgeon's trainee (I had no problems about that, because they all have to learn at some stage and also he was hot!). So he looked at the Xray and compared it to the previous years XRays and told me that nothing seems to be wrong with it and that my body has taken to it very well, then he told me the main update, "It's time for your bar to be removed now. I think it will be November or December time". This was excellent news for me obviously, because I will be using my bar as a shelf bracket when it comes out.

November came and I hadn't received a letter from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, so when I moved house I phoned them up and updated the secretary of my new address and contact details then asked if there's a date available yet. She said "the surgeon is just in the process of working out the dates, but it shouldn't be too long - possibly December". Now that December has arrived, I still had no response or letter, so earlier today I decided to call the hospital and ask for an update and the secretary told me "the surgeon hasn't been around this week, but he has pencilled you in for the 16th of January". Great news! Obviously it being a pencilled-in date doesn't mean it will definitely be the 16th of January, but it could be a day or two before or after... however I now have a rough figure.

So, the next Pectus Excavatum update you will get from me will be the pre-removal of the bar and then another update after the bar has been removed. It might actually happen on the same day, as the removal is just a day-job ( no overnight stay in hospital - which means I don't get the delightful NHS morning cup of tea :( )

So until then, take care and if you have any comments, questions, queries or what-not, then please either enter them in the comment box below OR Contact me (link in the right-hand menu). I will answer your messages as soon as possible.


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15th Dec 2012 05:44

That's excellent news, Dale! I can't imagine how excited you must be right now. I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but I can tell you I'm excited for you.

I look forward to reading your update once the bar has been removed. I hope it isn't too painful, and there are no complications.

Happy Holidays!


By Ian


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