1st Dec 2012 03:16pm
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Since we've moved to our new address, we've been having nothing but problems with our internet service. We were told that we'd get the same speeds as we did at the old house as soon as we moved into the new house, well as you may have guessed, we didn't. We usually got speeds of 9-10Mbps at the old house and now we're at the new house, we're lucky to get 600Kbps! (Yes, 0.6Mbps!) Which sadly isn't enough to watch anything on YouTube, BBC iPlayer - let alone listen to the radio online either.

Thankfully, TalkTalk are sending out an engineer to try and sort the problem out for us as TalkTalk's customer service - besides not speaking a single word of English - didn't understand our problem and spent 30 minutes telling us to change certain settings (which are related to internal wireless problems) which were useless as to what we needed checking and sorting out. Then we were told by the customer service person that we can't get said speeds in this area (even though we were reassured we could before the move - hence why The Mother renewed her contract) ... so that's obviously false advertising surely? (Court case? Yes I think so!).

Anyways, they've sent us a brand new router and all it keeps doing (whilst sometimes running at 600Kbps and sometimes 1700Kbps) is it keeps rebooting. I'd say every 30 minutes, so I thought I'd have a look in the log and see what's happening and I was mythed to find a load of entries saying the same thing (besides a different IP address) ... "Xmas port scan attack from WAN".

Xmas port scan attack from WAN

Quite a fair load of logs there ain't there! Well after reading around online, various sources are stating it's just the Firewall notifying us that it's blocked a port scanner - basically a hacker that's checking a huge list of IP addresses and checking for vunerabilities to try and hack into our router. And because the firewall can only handle so much, if there's too many attacks at once, then it goes into overload and reboots - similar to a DDoS attack (where a website gets flooded with too many requests to handle it and goes into meltdown).

So at least I know we're safe our end, the only thing is though is it could also be a reason as to why our speeds are dreadfully slow too. Who knows... BUT if you know anymore about this "Xmas port scan attack from WAN", then please let me know... as networking isn't my area of expertise and various websites are saying various things about it. Oh and one final thing too... I've checked some of them IP addresses and some goto unknown pages and a few redirect you straight to Facebook. How weird.


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