23rd Nov 2012 01:56pm
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Naked Man in Whitehall, London

Just a normal day in the crazy Big Smoke. Also, nope, don't worry, that's NOT another one of Prince Harry's drunken escapades that you can see in the picture. It's actually some random bloke - naked, may I add, who's decided to mount a statue in Whitehall, London causing police to shut the street off. This incident happened just over an hour or so ago, no idea who he is nor the reason as to why he decided to go starkers... luckily he didn't do it yesterday when the weather was horrendous, otherwise his -erm- currently unnoticable go-nads would've shrivelled up.

Ride the pony!

Naked Man in Whitehall, London
Naked Man in Whitehall, London
Naked Man in Whitehall, London


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