28th Oct 2012 01:16am
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I like this time of year, other than the nice mellow quiet dark evenings and nights, it's the fact that we say goodbye to British Summer Time (BST / GMT+1 / UTC+1) and that we're back in our original / proper timezone once again. (As we should be - remember... we, the Brit's are the masters of time! Be it GMT or UTC)

British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time
(Clocks go back an hour at 2am)

Anyways, don't forget at 2am tonight (so in less than an hour of me posting this), whack your clocks back an hour and you'll have gained yourself an extra hour in bed (if you're already asleep) or an extra hour in the pubs/clubs if you're out drinking at the moment. If you're anything like me and just stay awake, then you won't really see the effect of it, other than having a 25-hour day instead of 24 hours.

Oh and you may ask why I'm posting this piece of useless information? Well, even though we change our clocks twice every year of our lives, you'll be shocked to know a majority of people still get confused on which way to turn it and at what time. So use this as a reference. ;)


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