9th Feb 2006 05:00am
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If, what I read is true, then Aled Jones (From BBC Radio 1) has just commented on my website... holy mother of Mary! *waves to him*
Aled Jones


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9th Feb 2006 12:22


If I had woken up on time and not slept thru my lecture I might have heard!

By Jonny


9th Feb 2006 12:25

Sadly, he didn't mention it on air, however it was just in a message. Oh well, can only wish it could get plugged on air one day. :D He he! That'd do my stat counter great!

By Dale Hay


9th Feb 2006 12:36

Oh well!!

I've just broken a light up snowman picture i made in a d&t lecture - im gutted....

By Jonny


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