23rd Oct 2012 05:54pm
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Well this is awkward. Basically because I get a bit of spending money from advertising revenue every week/fortnight, which is usually paid into my PayPal account - of which I can use in shops when I buy fags and other bits and bobs because I have a PayPal Mastercard thing - and the fact I have a huge social circle too, The Mother believes I'm getting my money from being on "The Game" (for those unsure with the terminology, "The Game" is basically being a prostitute / rent boy). I must clarify I am NOT a prostitute nor am I a rent boy... and even if I was, I would be buying more than just a pack of fags in the shop... I'd also add loads of booze to my shopping list too.

Can a homosexual male not have male friends and an income without it making people think I'm slutting my poop-hole out for an extra couple of quid?!

How awkward. :/


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