10th Oct 2012 01:43am
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Having caught up with a fair load of programmes on TV that I've missed, I have clocked up a various amount of hours worth of commercial viewing too and one advert that sticks in my head at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S3 advert... not because of it being a new mobile phone, but because of the beautiful piece of music playing in the background. Now I thought, wicked, I'll Google "Samsung Galaxy S3 Advert Music" and see what comes up... sadly no results. Soooo I have had to do even more snooping and digging around - as the answer has to be SOMEWHERE in the great depths of the internet.

Now, a lot of results were showing the music used on Samsung's previous adverts, which was performed by a group called Oberhofer and the song was o0Oo0Oo, however this wasn't the one I was after. Few more hours searching around and I came across a video on YouTube that was this persons (Tom Davies) attempt at reproducing in Fruity Loops - which was very smartly done. The video is below...

However there was still no reference to the name of the group or individual that originally created this piece of music... so on I continued searching...

A couple of commenting members on various videos have said the song is called "Peace", however I have yet to come across anything by that name that sounds vaguely similar.

Then... a break-through - well slightly! I have found that it was composed by Andi Roselund, however I can't seem to find a full version of it - nor a name of what it's called yet. Suppose, I'll just have to keep searching until I find the name and see if there's a longer version of it as it is very relaxing...


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19th Oct 2012 06:50


By yoseline


19th Oct 2012 06:53


By yoseline


4th Nov 2012 23:54

Love this tune too and as like you, I can't find it either. I would buy this tune as its relaxing and it would be handy for trying to sleep.

By Robert vaughan


15th Dec 2012 16:53

Now your page is at first
keyword i typed was "samsung s3 advertisement music"
Ya i picked that up too when it was on tv
Not the phone But the music
ya i really feel relax witht this ssound

gonna make plugin for guitar
My next work heheh

Plz try to find asap
i really like it :D
thanks for this too

By adam wital


19th Jan 2013 21:49

youtube (GALAXY SIII) Official TV Commercial-Extended

if you search that, a 2 minute version of the song comes up

By rob


20th Jan 2013 07:05

Yeah, there is that Rob, but that video contains the sounds from the advert (background sounds) ... I was looking for just the track - like a clean copy - which isn't available in that video.

By Dale Hay


20th Mar 2013 02:12

Andi Roselund - Sunrise Song

By Aaaron


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