4th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well Guys and Girls, it's coming upto Valentines Day... eek! The day I fear, as I never get any cards or chocolates or flowers. :( Oh well. I have my hand *cough*. Anyways ... he he, I'm gonna feel festive for the whole of the day and have the site "loved" up a bit for Valentines day. :) So if you see a problem on any page then feel free to report it, but it'll probably be just me messing around.
I'd also like to know what you're getting your loved ones for Valentines Day, maybe a rose, maybe a house? Just whisk them off to me through the contact page!

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5th Feb 2006 10:03

Love is not just for Valentines Day - its for every day - expecialy if you have the one you love.

By Pete


5th Feb 2006 16:27

Had big plans until he stood me up too many times.... its not gonna happen this year - Im gonna sit in a darkened room....

By Jonny


5th Feb 2006 16:31

I'm in a darkened room too. However I will be spending the whole of half term (which includes Valentines Day) at an old mates house... soooo that should cheer me up and keep me on track of not loseing my mind. :p

By Dale Hay


5th Feb 2006 20:10

Pretty sure you'll have more fun in your dark room than me! Might go home to Portsmouth - that'll be fun....

By Jonny


5th Feb 2006 21:26

AWE - I love you Dale - Hugs cuddles fondle ;)

By Pete


7th Feb 2006 06:29

If I get two cards I'll be wondering which one is not off me mom.

By John


9th Feb 2006 14:21

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a date for V day!! I'll be comin back up to the lovely midlands!!YAY!!!

By Jonny


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