21st Sep 2012 11:48pm
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It seems a nice huge meteor has recently been seen all over the UK.

Huge Meteor / Fireball Seen Across UK
(Source: @huneh)

Just been looking through my tweets on Twitter about 20 minutes ago and came across people mentioning about a random meteorite in the sky. Obviously loads get witnessed everyday, but this one was supposedly huge! One person I follow did post a picture he took of it, but I can't find the god-damn tweet...

Also reports of it being seen have came in from all over the United Kingdom with people asking if it was a meteor, huge fireball or even a UFO. Over the past few minutes too more pictures have been posted on Twitter too. Below are some pictures that I've came across from it.

Huge Meteor / Fireball Seen Across UK
(Source: @alexsim123)

Update (00:10): It has came to my attention that the original first image I had on this post was actually from 2010 and not tonights meteorite. I have replaced it now. - DH


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9th Dec 2012 22:43

That is uncomplicated and most of my gents up to now know this.

By prabhatelectric


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