20th Aug 2012 10:06am
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It seems that the game I've been playing for years, Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu has suddenly fell quiet the past two weeks. Basically a new patch was released and it seemed to have fluffed up everyones game - now a lot of people were suggesting re-downloading the game (which does come in at a hefty 1.2gb), so I avoided doing that as the game comes from foreign servers and they ain't the fastest in the world.

However upon the game trying to get the latest patch, you'll end up with a "Installation Error: No setup file" box coming up and basically it won't allow you to log onto the correct server - giving you the error of "Your game version does not match the server version. Game:686, Server: 687".

To get around this problem (if it's still occuring), you will need to manually patch it using anyone of the patches below (depending on which one you use for the game):

Ndoors Patch
» Download NdoorsLuminaryManualPatch_683-687.exe (5.08MB)

ijji Patch
» Download ijjiLuminaryManualPatch_683-687.exe (5.09MB)

Hoga Patch
» Download HogaLuminaryManualPatch_683-687.exe (5.09MB)

Once you've download and ran the patch (which you will need to place it in your GoonZu game directory), you will then need to directly run "goonzu.exe" and NOT "goonzu_run.exe" (which is normally what runs first), then hey presto(!) it should be fixed and you'll be allowed access to the game again... and hopefully I will start to see more of my Louhan townies too - as it's awfully quiet in the town (AND because of it, I also lost my warehouse slots! Not too happy about that.)


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10th Nov 2012 01:57

i dont get these instructions help just want to play game



10th Nov 2012 02:01

help just want to play goonzu

By sara


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