1st Aug 2012 05:38pm
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Tom DaleyI am starting to feel really sorry for Tom Daley at the moment, not only does he have a massive amount of pressure on his shoulders with the Olympics, but then the other day the Reece (Rileyy_69) situation and now it's been mentioned today that a footballer, Daniel Thomas who plays for Port Talbot Town FC has been suspended after sending a homophobic tweet to Tom.

The tweet that was sent to Tom Daley from Daniel Thomas read:

"If there is any consolation for finishing fourth at least Daley and Waterfield can go and bum each other #teamHIV."

Daniel Thomas said he had fallen victim to his phone being used by someone else who had basically t'waped (Twitter rape'd) him. Normally people usually just post stuff like "I love cock" or "I slept with my Mother last night and she was good", but nope, this was a direct one towards our Tom and wasn't taken lightly.


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20th Sep 2012 13:09

Is that really what Thomas said? In 2012? In that case, I can say is..

What a complete and utter bell-end.

By Lee


21st Sep 2012 01:34

Daniel Thomas - poor closeted homosexual deflecting away from himself with vile homophobic jibes.
Well now he us exposed himself for all to see.
What a sad individual.



10th Dec 2012 02:11

Completely I share your opinion. Idea excellent, I support.

By telugupropertiesin


21st Mar 2013 06:39

Fuck you Daniel Thomas, no one insults Tom Daley

By Mariah Reyes


3rd Dec 2013 09:01

Was Tom the only one who didn't know he was gay. Seems right that he comes out the same time as his series. Why all over every front page this morning.
Its not news.

By Ray


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