14th Jul 2012 07:52am
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You will remember from a post I made on 30th Jun 2012 ("The Empire Grows...") that I aquired a domain name and was about to start a website on it, but not tell you what it is. Well as my own personal deadline for launching the site ticks down to less than 4 days away, I've pretty much done most of the "back-end" of the site. However the main point of this project is to show how I can transform it from 0 visitors when it opens to a certain amount (which I think I placed as 1,000).

So at the moment there is no mention of the websites name or address on my blog - nor is there any link to it from any other website. All that's on the domain is just a place holder mentioning the websites title, a tagline and a countdown script - nothing fancy at all. Though a quick Google search of the tagline and I am placed as the first result out of about 6,340,000 results, if I remove the word "the" from the search, I am still number one out of about 6,170,000 results. I did do a search for just two words from the four worded tagline to find I am the top result of page 5. So even before the website has launched or been mentioned I am already ranking fairly high in the search engines - but why and more to the point how?

The reason I have been indexed by the search engines (Google mainly) when I haven't even posted anything specifically about the site - nor submitted it to be indexed - is because of the browser I am using. I am using Google Chrome and Chrome seems to send back various amounts of data to Google about what websites you view (mainly for advertising reasons - as they don't want someone who always views Microsoft Windows websites to see adverts about Apple Macs) and with this information they can also judge the popularity of websites, which helps Google determine proper websites as to those that're just full of basically crap. Now because this new website isn't in their listings they have automatically assigned it for a GoogleBot to go there and start indexing what it sees. Immediately, this is giving me a great start to gaining traffic as many websites get made and published, but then afterwords try to submit them to search engines for indexing - which can take upto a week. Luckily now for me, I won't have to wait. So this is a fairly good tip - if you know your website isn't going to be online for at least a week, then why not have a place holder on it to allow search engines to start indexing it beforehand.

So now "Project Loco" has been seen by myself and a GoogleBot - but who or what else? I have just logged into my cPanel stats and it's currently told me that for July 2012, 11 hits were made by a spider, 10 by GoogleBot, 5 by a bot and 5 by Yahoo Slurp, 4 unknowns and 1 hit from something called Netcraft (whatever the bloomin' hell that is). So already the search engines have got the websites address and have indexed it. Besides these hits, the only other hits at the moment have only been produced by myself.

At this stage - even though the website is getting closer to being opened, I am not going to reveal the domain name nor the tag line to the website (well you know it contains the word "the" in it though - have fun guessing!), but now I have a slightly weird decision to make... do I flood the site with content straight away when it opens or shall I open the site on barebones and add to it bit by bit and build it up like that? I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day so "Project Loco" shouldn't be, right? To answer this question, I have tried thinking like a search engine bot and applying it to a real life situation... would I like to see an entertainment complex full to the brim with everything then stay like it and basically get boring after time OR do I want to see new things being added each and every time? Personally myself, I'd prefer to see things being added bit by bit - something new, something fresh to keep coming back, which is like when theme parks keep building a new ride each year, some bigger and better to entice you to keep coming back. Nevertheless, I am pretty much swinging towards the adding bit-by-bit stage and think it will work perfectly for me.

Well that's pretty much got you upto date with how it's all going at the moment along with a nice and simple tip for you. The next post I will be doing about "Project Loco" will, hopefully, be the opening of it in less than 4 days time, so keep checking back.


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