6th Jul 2012 06:49pm
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Five years ago a piece of malware called DNSChanger was created by six Estonian's and then distributed online. This trojan redirected internet users to websites filled with paid advertisements, which generated a lot of profit for the creators. What makes this trojan worse though is that it creates a botnet and changes the way your computer talks to a DNS server operated by your ISP, which basically means that once activated properly you will have no internet. Even though the creators of DNSChanger have all been arrested 8 months ago and their services stopped, it is still thought to be on millions of computers (it has infected Macs too!) and it has a timer built-in to it too, which is due to activate this Monday, 9th July 2012.

DNSChanger - Internet Doomsday (9th July)This means that if you wake up on Monday morning, go to go online and find you've lost your internet - then you have been infected. The FBI have been urging people to make sure they check to see if they have not got DNSChanger on their computers for many months now and as we're just a weekend away from a possible Doomsday epidemic, it's best to check that your computer isn't infected. There is a free website that shows you if you have been infected with it, so just click the link below and it will tell you if you're safe or not. Seeing similar to the image on right, means you're OK and have nothing to worry about.

» DNS Changer Check-Up (http://www.dns-ok.us)


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