30th Jun 2012 07:01pm
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My little Brother has a Fisher-Price Kid Tough V2751/V2752 Camera, which is basically a small digital camera designed for kids. It's bulky, but perfect for children - with kid friendly buttons too. The resolution of the images that the camera takes are 640*480 and saved as JPG files, so can be edited on a computer with any image editing software. The camera has a built-in storage capacity of 128MB - enough for approximately 1,080 pictures, which is more than enough for any child!

Fisher-Price Kid Tough V2751/V2752 CameraNow to transfer images to your computer from the camera does require you to have the Fisher-Price Kid Tough V2751/V2752 Camera Drivers, which - considering the product was discontinued last year (2011) are a bit of a bugger to find, as my little Brother wanted me to put the pictures on his camera onto his laptop. So - as anyone would do, I headed to Google and searched for the drivers, only to be presented with loads of results that are full of people asking for them and not getting much success with it. Sooo I am happy to announce that I have a copy of the digital studio software, which contains the drivers which I have uploaded to dalehay.me and are available for you to download (free of charge obviously!).

Once you have installed the software, you will need to use a USB cable (not sure if they supply you with one when you purchase the product). To connect it, first open the battery flap on the bottom of the camera then you will see a small USB slot, simply plug the USB cable into that, then into your computer and hey presto, you should find a new drive open when you click on "My Computer" (or Start -> My Computer). Go into this new drive (might be E: depending on what hardware you already have installed/connected) and your images will be located in a folder titled either 100IMAGE, DCIM or DSC_FATDISK.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Does *NOT* work on Mac)
Hard Drive Space: 150MB (Available)
USB Port: 1.1 (or higher - most older/cheaper laptops are all 2.0)

» Download Fisher-Price Kid Tough V2751/V2752 Camera Drivers and Digital Studio (105.7MB)

Note: This software is property of Fisher-Price, which is a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. No harm is intended by myself ("Dale Hay") hosting and distributing this application on my own website free of charge (as is the application when available from Mattel's website). For DMCA takedown request, please contact me.


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30th Jun 2012 20:08

hello dale hay good website

By rj


30th Jun 2012 20:11

Hey RJ, thank you bro!

By Dale Hay


30th Jun 2012 20:17

thats alls right bro

By rj


2nd Jul 2012 11:43

are you sure is NOT working with mac os x?
I've seen on several website that is seen as external disk from Mac OS (10.4 or above)

By matteo


2nd Jul 2012 14:45

Hey matteo,

I haven't tried this on a Mac as I'm just fully 100% PC, but as far as I know this only works on PC's. If someone on a Mac wishes to test it and see if it works, then I don't mind updating the system requirements. :)

By Dale Hay


25th Jul 2012 20:10

Error reading setup initialization file

By Michelle


22nd Mar 2013 21:20

What size batteries go in this? we lost the battery pack that goes in this and im trying to find replacement

By marcie


13th Dec 2015 18:36

Thanks to you !

By Goldored


23rd Dec 2015 20:53

Hi can you please tell me what battery is needed for this camera and where I can get one from
Thank you

By Diane Hulme


28th Feb 2016 22:45

Please redownload the drivers file, right-click it and choose "Run As Administrator" - this will stop any installation problems.

I've hunted through many boxes to try and find the camera again, and our camera uses normal AA batteries.

Happy to help! :)

Diane Hulme
The batteries that this camera use are the normal AA batteries, as for where you can get one of these cameras from, I'd say - as most places no longer sell them - have a look on either eBay, Craigslist or Gumtree.

By Dale Hay


1st Sep 2016 08:45

Awesome, my daughter loves her camera and now we can upload her holiday snaps...

By jaguargod2000


2nd Feb 2017 22:49

I managed to get one of these 2nd hand for £2, but when I went to open up to put batteries it doesn't take AA or AAA batteries, what other batteries can it take? It looks like it's a really old model

By mary


9th Feb 2017 16:28

Has anyone been able to get Windows 10 to recognize their camera? I can't, with or without the software, and I have tried everything I could find on getting Windows 10 to recognize a USB. Any help would be greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance!

By R


24th May 2017 02:30



By ana mendoza


25th May 2017 11:01

After installing the software, did you reboot your computer? It usually helps to do so when you're installing new drivers.

Once you've rebooted (restarted) your computer/laptop, you should then be able to plug the camera in via a USB cable, then you should be able to access the images by clicking on 'My Computer' (in your 'Start' menu), and there should be a camera option. :)

By Dale Hay


16th Jul 2017 19:32

Thank you so much for the software. My daughter got this camera from a GoodWill store and has been taking great pictures that she wants to keep. Her birthday is today; you've given her an awesome gift.

By Lori


20th Aug 2017 20:14

Thanks you are a star!!



28th Nov 2017 15:21

Hola la cámara de mi hija se descargó
Totalmente cuando quise volver a prenderla
No enciende alguien me puede decir si va a
Funcionar o ya no sirve?? Gracias

By Gabriela lu ac


19th Dec 2017 01:21

Thanks so much for this! We bought this for big brother when he was little, and are now re-gifting to little brother. Happy to be able to continue to use it.

By Lee Lee


4th May 2018 17:56

Hi i need to get the pictured off this camera.
I found some my child took of my grandmother who passed away. I did download this software. However I have windows 10. I plug camera in and the camera says connected usb but the computer isnt recognizing it at all not showing up anywhere. also ur software says connect camera which it is. please tell me we can some how get the pictures off here. thank you.

By Jodie Wells


10th May 2018 22:44

Hello Jodie,

I no longer have this camera myself so cannot test it out on Windows 10, but if you have icons visible on your Desktop, you can try RIGHT CLICKING the icon, then go to PROPERTIES. When the box loads up, there should be a tab titled COMPATIBILITY. On that tab should be an option to allow you to run the program thinking it's on another operating system (so Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.)

Select any of those options, then APPLY, then OK, then try opening the program again and see if that works.

If not, then get back to me and I'll see what I can do for you.

By Dale Hay


20th Jun 2018 21:26

I have this camera since 2010 and I used to take a lot of pictures back then. Time has passed, and I stopped using it. Years later I decided to test it to see if it was still working, and it was, but it needed new batteries, so I bought them in the store and putted them in the camera. The only problem is that some time after, the pictures disappeared. I can't fix it, I don't know how. Can you please help me? Those pictures really mean a lot to me.
Ps: I know I was really dumb for not uploading them in my computer(it's a Windows 10 now)but I was just a kid and the only one who knew how to manage it lol

By Giulia


24th Mar 2019 18:17

Thank you very much!

By Brian L Farrar


30th Mar 2020 16:47

My kids' camera won't be seen by any computer, be it Mac or Windows 7 or Windows 10.
Any idea?
There are 700+ photos inside.

By Roberto


12th Jun 2020 07:19

awesome thank you so much!

By holly


19th Jul 2020 16:48

This works great- thank you!!

By Roberta


16th Jan 2022 16:55

hey. hmm sorry but im really bad at this things... how can I download the software? I've already tried to click on the " Download Fisher-Price Kid Tough V2751/V2752 Camera Drivers and Digital Studio" but it takes me nowhere... help pls

By ana


3rd Mar 2022 20:59

The link is down :( i really need the software but i can´t download it. Could you please share again de software?

I google it but i can´t find it

By Jesús Soriano


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