30th Jun 2012 01:43pm
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Well it seems after being tempted by a promotion on cheap domains, I have kind of - on accident (obviously) - purchased another domain name. So this now gives me yet another project to work on and expand my current mini-empire.

I won't reveal the domain name just yet as I think I will use this as an experiment - along with a normal functioning website. Basically what I want to do is show how I can take a brand new website from 0 visitors a day to 100 a day (or maybe even more, I do need to think of a target amount of hits per day - any suggestions? I'm thinking 1,000 as the first milestone).

As for the nichÚ, it's orientated towards trains and other locomotives, which - as you all know - is a fairly popular area of interest, what with train spotters and train enthusiasts. So hopefully I can get the interest from these people too. It will be mainly a reference/wiki type of site, however it will start with information that I will have to manually collect from various sources then after time maybe let other people/members contribute more information along with pictures.

Project Loco ProgressOnce I have designed the site and opened it, I will publicly release the domain name so you can all give me your comments and suggestions and then also I can start with my own personal traffic based tips. Give you all a run down on what I'm doing to help gain traffic. I think this needs a funky name, I think I will called this Project Loco.

This (to the right) is the current tracker of the site. It will be updated as I progress further with the site.


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